To Know the Sustainable Palm Oil Trade in Japan

To Know the Sustainable Palm Oil Trade in Japan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In October 2018 in Sustainable Palm Oil Conference 2018 that Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Conference (JaSPOC) did in Tokyo, the stakeholders in Japan also agreed to use sustainable palm oil.

Though the companies in Japan are difficult to get sustainable palm oil, but its usages keep being socialized to the Japanese people. JasPON could be the right place for the stakeholders to know about the supply and usage of sustainable palm oil.

In 2017 the intelligent market report of ITPC Osaka noted that many Japanese companies used palm oil to produce cosmetics, and personal cares. Let us say Lion and Shiseido. The two companies agreed to use sustainable palm oil.

As written by InfoSAWIT In the end of 2015 Lion was committed to use certified palm oil to produce the products in Japan. The subsidiary of Lion, Lion Chemical that produces goods, such as, detergent, starts making progress. From 7.700 tons of palm oil used in every single year, 2.000 tons are derived from the sustainable palm oil.

Kao also needs about 18 thousand tons of palm oil to produce detergent in two different locations in Japan. Kao even tends to use sustainable palm oil. In the end of 2016 Shiseido exclusively turned to use sustainable palm oil in seven factories in and out of Japan within the supply reaching about 1.000 tons.

Saraya Co, the detergent and health product producer in Japan has announced to use palm oil and kernel oil, including the derivatives certified by RSPO to produce personal cares since five years ago. (T2)

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