Cargill’s Commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil for the World

Cargill’s Commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil for the World

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - As its commitment realization ‘No Deforestation, Peat, and Exploitation’ (NDPE), Cargill reported about the achievements in 2019 to the people and reviewed the strategies in 2025. The report also symbolized the significant progress that Cargill has done.

In 2019, Cargill successfully implemented its commitments to produce and consume sustainable palm oil in more than 1o export countries together with 22 thousand plasma smallholders. The success had been distributed to hundreds customers in the world.

The traceability targets in 2020 hit the scores in 2019. It was done together with the plasma smallholders and it encouraged lots of changes, for example, the cultivation transformation based on the best and sustainable principles and criteria in the supply chain and stock of palm oil in Cargill.

“Cargill is proud of having roles to encourage the transformative changes in every sector of palm oil. The progress might take place by the extraordinary work of the smallholders, the company, the customers, the partners, and team work that focus to realize the same vision of sustainable palm oil,” ” John Hartmann said as the global sustainable leader on the palm oil operational, Cargill.

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, July 2020


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