RSPO-RED Scheme is Not Prolonged

RSPO-RED Scheme is Not Prolonged

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – On 5 March 2020 RSPO Board of Governor decided that the conditions in RSPO-RED (known as RED-RSPO Scheme) to the European Union RED would not be prolonged after it would end on 30 June 2021.

From what InfoSAWIT got, RSPO-RED was designed as the voluntary additional regulation to RSPO standards that European Commission admitted since 2012. But RSPO RED has no advantages because there is no volume tonnage which is sent and until now there is no planters having RSPO-RED certificate.

By considering the economic investment needed to re-design the RSPO – RED conditions and the lack of interest of the members to use RSPO – RED scheme, Board of Governor agreed to end the program and would not improve the scheme.

Got from RSPO, the RSPO – RED scheme would enable the palm oil processor and producer having RSPO certificate to fulfill the condition in European Union Directive 2009/28/EC about the promotion to use the renewable energy and source.

The clue to renewable energy decided the condition of sustainability for biofuel and bioliquid in European Union. In December 2018, the leads of renewable energy were revised (2018/2001/EU) - RED II – started running. 

The policy ensured that the vegetable oil plantations used to produce biofuel should not derive from the areas in degradation or peat – wherever they are planted, should not from the high carbon stocks, and not from the high conservation values.

The RED II regulated that starting in January 2024 the numbers of biofuel would be decreased from certain kinds of vegetable oil to fulfill the targets of renewable energy. To implement this, European Commission adopted Delegated Act (the technical regulation of European Commission) on 13 March 2019 to what European Parliament and Board of European Union (the institutions which represent the country members of European Union) published.


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