The Smallholders of CPOPC Agreed to Make Alliance to Prevent the Negative Campaigns

The Smallholders of CPOPC Agreed to Make Alliance to Prevent the Negative Campaigns

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The Secretariat of Crude Palm Oil Producing Council (CPOPC) did the second term of Smallholder Outreach Program (SOP) by presenting the smallholders from Central America and Latin America. The teleconference was joined by the group representatives and smallholders from Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. SOP is the place for the smallholders from the CPOPC to share, cooperate, and communicate globally for the palm oil industries, and to realize the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in 2030.

Deputy Executive Director of CPOPC, Dupito D. Simamora told that the group is important part in CPOPC work program. “We could collaborate to fight for the negative campaigns in palm oil, support to cooperate, share the best agricultural practices. We would encourage the stable remunerative price for the interest of the CPOPC,” Simamora said, as in the official written statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

Some representatives told their support to make global alliance to fight for the negative campaigns to palm oil.

Claudia Amaya Martel of Association of Industrial Palm Oil Producers of Honduras (AIPAH) told that though the smallholders in Honduras try to fulfill the sustainable principles and criteria, they realized the negative campaign too.

Meanwhile Arnoldo Megar of Gremial de Palmicultores de Guatemala (GREPALMA) told that palm oil image is attacked by the negative campaigns and should be denied. “Palm oil has many advantages, such as, it is productive, provides the educational and health access, and better life,” he said.

The representative of Ecuador, Oscar Roberto of Calahorrano Valencia of Federación Nacional de la Cadena Productiva del Aceite de Palma (PROPALMA) told the same. The participants suggested make the positive opinion.

The forum also agreed to follow up the discussion about the issues which have something to do with many sides. In this context, the CPOPC secretariat would be committed to make the next session after making the whole study about the third session in SOP, including with Africa next week. The follow up would base on the opinion, challenge, recommendation, and hopes from the smallholders in the southern.

Executive Director of CPOPC, Tan Sri Yusof Basiron emphasized that palm oil is the future commodity for it has important contribution for the economy of the a country. “The increasing demands would be fulfilled sustainable if there is compatibility with the sustainable standards,” Tan Sri said. (T2)


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