Sanggau is Urged to Act to Loading Point

Sanggau is Urged to Act to Loading Point

InfoSAWIT, SANGGAU – The fresh fruit bunch (FFB) commerce hits the issue because there are some palm oil factories having no areas but buying the FFB through loading point in the palm oil plantation centers. The factories make FFB price distortion that was decided based on the tripartite, such as, the companies, the government, and the smallholders.

It happens in District of Sanggau, West Kalimantan Province. The stakeholders and the smallholders’ union encouraged the local government to do action to the loading ramps.

General Manager PT Mitra Austral Sejahtera (MAS), Kun Hardadi said that the presence of loading ramp makes the bad competition to the FFB price. This is the loss for the companies and the smallholders.

“The factories having no plantation through the loading point break the FFB commerce. This is the loss for us, the government, and the smallholders,” he said in the spare time of the companies’ representative meeting in Sanggau recently.

He also told that his side and other stakeholders agreed to do action about the commerce. “There is no policy about the loading point. We are afraid that about 70% of the plasma smallholders’ production was sold to others. This gets worse by the stealing and make the companies get more losses,” he said.

The loading point that the government could not control proved that the free commerce takes place. This is dangerous for the investment continuity in Sanggau. He continued that the loading point would be potential to make koperasi unit desa (KUD) go to bankrupt. This may happen because the members would not sell their FFB through the union. “As a matter of fact, the source of income in the union derives from the optimization of the plasma smallholders,” he said.

This would be massive too. Besides being potential to make the operational of the union worse, it could make unemployment massively because there is no good operational in the company, and the high numbers of FFB stealing. (T2)


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