Palm Oil is Not the Main Source of Deforestation

Palm Oil is Not the Main Source of Deforestation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – It is admitted that the natural resource management and cultivation in palm oil plantations need to improve always knowing that many policies published by the stakeholders are not in harmony.

It needs to understand to that palm oil is not the main factor of deforestation in the world. What about the areas to livestock breeding which could reach three fourth of the agricultural areas in the world? Weren’t the areas wild forest just like in Indonesia?

Deforestation is unavoidable as long as the human keeps developing. Without agricultural area expansion from the forest regions, the world would face bigger threats.

Quoting from what Patric Moore, Phd., wrote “Pohon Adalah Jawaban”, every single day there are 5 billion men wake up within daily needs, energy, and material. The challenge to conservation is the preparation of the needs by minimizing the negative impacts to the environment.

Patric Moore, the former founder of Greenpeace in 1971 told that cutting trees is not enough to claim as the forest damage. The issue is that is the forest is gone forever or planted by thee new trees?

“If you go to Australia, you could find that everyone would suggest that the worst forest damages happened in Malaysia dan Indonesia. As the fact, about 40% of the natural forests in Australia were damaged for the agriculture. This happens in America that about 40% of the original forests have been conversed to be the agriculture,” Patric Moore noted.

Referring to the oil and fat consumption in 2000-2017, the annual consumption increased more than 6 million tons. If the food stocks get difficult to get, it is easy to say, the world would be in food crisis.

The most powerful and adjustable thing to reduce CO2 from the fossil fuel are to plant the trees and use the wood. But it is fully right to cut off the forest. There are technologies to do production intensification without extensification. It needs to search of food sources within high productivity.

It is admitted or not, palm oil is the highest productivity of vegetable oil. It could save the land usage within good cultivation to fulfill the vegetable oil need whole over the world which keeps increasing in every single year. (Teguh Patriawan / Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of Plantation Development, Indonesian Chambers and Industries)


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