Alliance to End Plastic Waste Lauched the Campaign: ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP

Alliance to End Plastic Waste Lauched the Campaign: ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To expand the ways to reduce the waste to the environment, Alliance to End Plastic Waste announced the campaign: ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP, the initiative globally to throw the waste in the commemoration of World Clean-up Day 2020.

It started in the World Clean-up Day 2020 (Saturday, 19 September), the ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP would be running for two weeks. The thousands of voluntary of Alliance to End Plastic Waste, the officers of member and non – member companies, and the partners would seek, identify, gather, and throw any waste they find in their surroundings. Taking advantages of the global network from the members of Alliance to End Plastic Waste, the ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP is hoped to educate more than one million people that it is important to clean up the waste.

Litterati, the winner of incubator winner held by Alliance to End Plastic Waste and Plug and Play in the United States of America, developed the application which united the participants of ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP. The application of Litterati could enable to pick up the waste within concrete data, which enable the long term changes – starting from the changing behavior until making the companies to change their package to be more environmental and more. Litterati used the artificial intelligence to identify the waste in the surroundings by taking a shot and location tag. Every participant uses the innovative application to upload the photo from each waste they collected to know and trace their participation for the two week – campaign.

“The big challenge of the waste globally could be frightful but the increasing participants up to million in the World Cleanup Day in Indonesia for the last two years showed that many organizations and people want to take part in this action,” President and CEO Alliance to End Plastic Waste, Jacob Duer said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP emphasized the huge impact of every individual if everyone acts. In two weeks, the participants in the ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP have option to take parts when they are comfort to do and limit the physical contact just like in the Covid-19 health procedure in their surroundings. They could go to their environment and use camera in the application of Litterati to take shot the waste that they have collected.

To complete this, the winner of education initiative and youth, TED-Ed made the learning plans and virtual video that the network could use reaching for about more than 600.000 teachers to teach their students, including those who take part in the ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP, about the waste in their surroundings. The video learning would be available in the free educational platform of TED-Ed and it is translated in some languages. Please visit to get the access of learning plans and video of TED-Ed.

Clean up is one of four strategic pillar of Alliance to End Plastic Waste, together with the infrastructure, innovation, education, and active roles that guide the organization to work and identify, evaluate, select, and invest in the program to realize the solution to prevent the plastic waste in the environment but contribute to the economy. (T2)


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