Palm Oil Free Label Breaks the Regulation, Could Have Sanction

Palm Oil Free Label Breaks the Regulation, Could Have Sanction

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The vegetable oil trade competition which involves palm oil is not only in tariff barrier or non-tariff barrier, but also in the food users in the consumer level.

After the environmental and health issues came up, the trade competition continues to the palm oil free label. This is done by some food producers in the other countries, namely in European Union.

Some food producers, retailers of the housing needs, such as, IKEA, or the big retailer of England, Iceland and in the recent days, the chocolate producer of Nutella, Kraft Heinz, promoted the palm oil free – product in Canada.

Some of them have taken of their products within palm oil free – label, such as, Delheiz Group (Superindo) in Netherland. It seems that the promotion and trade model ‘palm oil free – label’ would keep going in the world. As a matter of fact, this model is against to the food regulation in European Union.

Vice Minister of External Affairs, Indonesian Republic, Mahendra Siregar told that the making of palm oil free – label in abroad may happen for some factors, such as, the idealism of particular groups, the protectionism from the extreme sides, and the marketing interests.

“I believe that some business may have the same idealism but we should thank that badan pengawas obat dan makanan (BPOM) as the authority understands the strategic position of palm oil,” he said in the webinar #INAPalmoil Talkshow that InfoSAWIT did recently join.

Deputi III BPOM, Reri Indriani said that in the legal perspective, the making of palm oil free – label, namely in Indonesia would be against to chapter 67 point I, Regulation of BPOM No. 31 / 2008 about the Process Food Label. “The businessmen are forbidden to put statement, written information, picture, logo, claim and / or visualization directly or indirectly which degrades goods and/or service from other side,” he said.

Reri thought that if the food producers still put the label in the products within palm oil free – label, they would have sanction based on the regulation. The minor one is the reprimand, and the heaviest one is to revoke the food production certificate license of home industries and the distribution license for the big producers. “If the products within palm oil free – label are still found, they would have the sanction,” she said. (T2)


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