The Realization of CSF Runs Slowly

The Realization of CSF Runs Slowly

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - From what InfoSAWIT got, the CSF and its derivate within the tariff numbers as listed in Attachment I, Regulation of Minister of Finance (RMF) No. 81/RMF.05/2018 about the PSO tariff of PFMA in Ministry of Finance would have additional numbers about US$ 5/ton for each kind of service.

It explained that CPO, which was listed in the attachment of RMF was US$ 50/ton to be US$ 55/ton.

“While the palm kernel shell in powder and flakes within more than > 50 mesh of particle listed in the attachment of RMF was US$ 3 up to 10/ton to be US$ 15/ton,” the announcement wrote.

The publication of the new CSF eliminated the previous regulation. Referring to RMF No 57 / 2020, chapter 11, it noted that when the regulation starts, RMF No. 81/RMF.05/2018 about PSO of PFMA RMF No. 152/RMF.05/2018 is the substitution of RMF No. 81/RMF.05/2018.

RMF No. 23/RMF.05/2019 about the second substitution of RMF No. 81/RMF.05/2018 and RMF No. 136/RMF.05/2019 about the third substitution of RMF No. 81/RMF.05/2018 is no longer anymore.

It means that referring to the policy, the CSF that PFMA gathered since June 2020 would have no low limit as in the previous regulation.

Of course, the fast substitution of the regulation in the Covid-19 pandemic raised questioned, namely from the smallholders. The realization in the SRP, as one direct policy for the smallholders, is not satisfied yet.

Referring to General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, the SRP potential could be 2,78 million ha. The plasma and independent areas may be about 27 million ha, the perkebunan inti rakyat (PIR BUN) plasma could be 0,14 million ha, and the areas of PIR TRANS/PIR KKPA plasma could be 0,37 million ha. But the technical recommendation of PSR in 2017 to 2020 just reached 157.358 ha. The PFMA transferred the fund for about Rp 2,7 billion. (T2)

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