Many Institutions/Ministries Deal with Palm Oil – Overlapping Regulations

Many Institutions/Ministries Deal with Palm Oil – Overlapping Regulations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – If in the abroad, palm oil keeps being accused negatively, in the domestic, the pressure always exists and more confused because many ministries and institutions regulate palm oil industries. This makes kinds of overlapping policies and difficult to implement.

Executive Director of Gabungan Industri Minyak Makan Indonesia (GIMNI), Sahat Sinaga told that for all these years his side knew that palm oil supports the economy in Indonesia. Is this real or slogan only? The fact is that many complicated organization regulate palm oil industries.

Many institutions and ministries ‘do feel’ involved and have interests to regulate palm oil sector but it is not clear which institutions are ‘accountable’ to solve the raising issues.

To be the super power country, it is the time for Indonesia to decide what product/commodity is the strategic one that could contribute to 15 to 20% of the gross domestic product nationally in the 5 to 10 years to go. “Including the commodity which has the strategic comparison in the markets globally, such as, palm oil, coffee, rubber, sugarcane, cocoa, and other tropical plantations,” he said in the webinar which Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) of North Sumatera and Aceh held and joined by InfoSAWIT, Wednesday, (23/9/2020).

He proposed to decide what institution/agency that focuses to palm oil or called ‘home of palm oil’ immediately. The agency should be powerful, close to the regional government, and be responsible to the president directly.

“The institution should handle every issue of regulation, license, land release of the strategic commodity to have certificate, markets, and the realization of smallholders’ replanting program for about 3,6 million hectares in 2020 -2024,” he told. (T2)


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