Palm Oil Moratorium Does Not Improve the Labors

Palm Oil Moratorium Does Not Improve the Labors

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The President’s Instruction No. 8 / 2018 about The Postponement and License Evaluation of Palm oil Plantation and Its Productivity Enhancement to increase the sustainable palm oil plantation governance, as a matter of fact, does not significantly improve the conditions of the labors in the plantations.

Koalisi Buruh Sawit thought that it should be the moment to improve the governance namely the labors.

“We do know that palm oil moratorium policy does not give the impacts to improve the condition of the palm oil plantation labors. Though this is the third year, it does not have something to do with the labors. The numbers of the labors in the plantations without having no work certainty, no certain numbers of salary, and health guarantee are massive still. The government should improve this within the governance. But everything does not happen,” Coordinator of Koalisi Buruh Sawit, Zidane said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

Chairman of SERBUNDO, Herwin Nasution told that the big numbers of the labors should become the notice in the context of its governance evaluation.

“In the very beginning we knew that palm oil moratorium did not put the labors as one very important sector to be evaluated. Hundreds members of SERBUNDO in East Kalimantan, North Sumatera, South Sumatera should not work anymore without protection from the government,” he said.

Many things happen to stop them making the union in Sumatera and Kalimantan. in the governance evaluation, the companies should stop them working. “The government should notice about the obstacles to the freedom of union,” he said. (T2)


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