Five Positive Campaigns about Palm Oil Need Seriousness

Five Positive Campaigns about Palm Oil Need Seriousness

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Indonesia is always noticed by the world because palm oil plantation is negatively developed to the social and environment. So it needs to spread the right information about misinterpreted development.

In online discussion which InfoSAWIT joined some time ago, the Ambassador of Indonesia for German, Arief Havas Oegroseno told that until now the positive campaigns still run but the campaigns were not focus and discussed many things which fade the information. That is why it needs to do positive campaigns in structure and focus.


He also mentioned that based on what he experienced, the positive campaigns about palm oil industries in Indonesia need to focus on five major issues, the first is the sustainability. He thought that it needs to confirm the sustainable palm oil cultivation which has been running for all these years. “And do positive campaign partnership with the senior high schools or the zoo management,” he said.


This might be effective during the study process in Indonesia where the students may not get the accurate information about palm oil plantation development. In the partnership with the zoo management, positive campaign should be done because many people visit it.


The second is the health issue. The stakeholders could do partnership with the doctor association or the like so that the fade information could be improved by the doctors. “It could be done by networking campaign, scientific publication, or in the form of road show,” he said. (T2)


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