Palm Oil Strategies of Cargill until 2025

Palm Oil Strategies of Cargill until 2025

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The sustainable supply chain that becomes the commitment of Cargill involved many sides, needs consistency and focus to realize the sustainable success. The strategies that Cargill would do for the next five years would also focus to the wider sustainability, such as, ensure the obedience, solve the leak, support the plasma smallholders, collaborate with the partners, protect the human rights, cooperate with the government, and increase the transparency to the public.

In confirming the obedience, Cargill is in cooperation with the direct suppliers to verify their obedience to the policy of Cargill and keeps supporting them who do not realize the history to have responsibility in their work plans.

In InfoSAWIT magazine, July 2020, Cargill would cooperate with them to facilitate the supply chain involvement better to encourage the transformation, especially in the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) traders and the plasma smallholders through the tools and trainings. Cargill would put in the suppliers to the complaint process if they do not have significant progress to the plans.

In solving the leak, Cargill aims to solve the ‘market leak’ by cooperating again with the suppliers which were postponed to prevent the unsustainable practices to provide the sustainable resources through the collaboration in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and China.

In supporting the plasma smallholders, Cargill would test ‘production protection model’ scale with the plasma smallholders and the people to prevent the deforestation outside the concession areas and ensure to increase the welfare. (T1)

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