Palm Oil Companies Are Aware of Covid-19 though the New Norm Runs,

Palm Oil Companies Are Aware of Covid-19 though the New Norm Runs,

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Many industries do prevent the spread of Covid-19, including the palm oil industries. The stakeholders are ready to obey the government’s suggestion to implement the new normality within tight health protocol in every line of business.

One group which implements the new normality is Bumitama Gunjaya Agro (BGA) Group. As one company running palm oil plantation sector, BGA Group always has initiatives and been active to implement the health protocol since the end of March 2020 in each operational and in the head quarter to stop the spread of Covid-19. To make the workers or employees feel safe when working in the Covid-19 pandemic, BGA Group has made the Crisis Management Center in the region within the same order from the center.

 “The management of BGA Group are committed to maintain the continuity of the operational to guarantee the workers to be better and it is hoped that BGA would be in good progress and develop,” Director of Corporate Affair & Partnership, BGA Group, Priyanto PS said when giving the lead to the workers by short video message.

The concrete thing that BGA Group has done is publishing the health protocols that consist of many aspects which every worker should obey in their daily activity.

After three months, he continued, he did appreciate every worker of BGA Group for implementing the health protocols well. Until now, BGA Group could operate well and produce normally.

Referring to the company, the health protocols consist of 17 protocols (in the previous, there were 14, but they were multiplied to adjust the situation and condition) which are summarized in the Protokol Pencegahan dan Penanganan Covid-19. They are about the life in emplacement and housing, work environment, guest acceptance, fresh fruit bunch (FFB) acceptance from the external factories. (T2)

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