Palm Oil Could Not Increase the Economy in West Kalimantan

Palm Oil Could Not Increase the Economy in West Kalimantan

JAKARTA - West Kalimantan is the province within the third largest palm oil plantation rank in Indonesia but the poverty is still the highest in Kalimantan.

Executive Director of Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan, Muhammad Teguh Surya said that palm oil plantation expansions for all these years, as a matter of fact, are not equal to the economic progress locally. The regional government should focus to balance the economic development in the region.


 “It is hoped that the other plantation commodities could compete as the contributor of economy in the region so that the region could be durable in facing the situation. It is not wise if one region depends on one mainstay commodity only, such as, palm oil,” he said in online discussion within the theme “Masa Depan Kalimantan Barat di Era Sawit” in the early of April 2020 which InfoSAWIT joined.


The junior researcher of Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan, Erlangga said that the planted areas in West Kalimantan are dominated by the private companies. The private companies’ areas reached 1,09 million hectares, while the people’s plantation reached 413 thousand hectares; and the country’s areas reached 56,7 thousand hectares only. (T2)

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