The Investigation Find Fire Activity to Palm Oil Planting in Papua

The Investigation Find Fire Activity to Palm Oil Planting in Papua

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Innovative investigation collaboration between Greenpeace International and Greenpeace International revealed that the activity of Korindo, as the palm oil plantation company belonging to rich man of Indonesia-Korea burnt the areas to plantation expansion in Papua Province. 

Korindo has multi-national customers, including Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. The groups has got Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate for wood business though the organization standard violence was found about the massive deforestation.

Korindo also has the widest palm oil plantations in Papua and destroyed about 57.000 hectares of forest in the province since 2001, a province which could be as wide as Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Greenpeace International is in cooperation with Forensic Architecture – a collective research institution in Goldsmiths, London University by using the spatial analysis to reconstruct the environmental damages and human rights violation to investigate that the fire could be identified in palm oil plantation concession areas of Korindo in Papua.

To know if the fire was intentionally done or not with what the people do or with the plantation expansion, Greenpeace International used NASA satellite image which run for five years to identify the source of fire in PT. Dongin Prabhawa, one subsidiary of Korindo in District of Merauke, Papua.

To ensure that the hotspot was fire, Greenpeace International used the latest analysis method to collect data and video record from the air survey done by the campaigners of Greenpeace International in 2013. The team found that the deforestation method and the fire were for the new planting by using fire.

Senior researcher of Greenpeace International, Samaneh Moafy said that if the fire in the concession areas of Korindo naturally took place, there would be masses. “But after investigating the progress and movement of the fire which led to the new planting from the eastern to western and it massively happened in the concession border areas of Korindo, it clearly happened in rows,” Samaneh said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (12/11/2020).

Head of Forest Campaigner of Southeast Greenpeace, Kiki Taufik said that the government should order Korindo and other companies to be responsible on the fire in their areas and which made lots of damages to the people’s health and environment in Indonesia.

“But the track record of the government in the law enforcement is so weak and inconsistent. In addition the environment protection gets weaker after UU Cipta Kerja was inaugurated which could be pro-business than pro-environment,” she said.

In 2016, the crude palm oil main customer of Korindo, such as, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Musim Mas, and Wilmar stopped buying the supply from Korindo after some environmental organizations revealed that Korindo involved in deforestation and human rights violation.

Some environmental organization gave notes to Siemens, one big customer of Korindo which bought wind tower from wind energy division in Korindo, to ask for postponing the trade with Korindo but Siemens keeps doing trade with Korindo.

Korindo does not hesitate to take this issue to legal to stop the people and mass media which continue investigating what Korindo is doing. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) did three investigations to Korindo about the deforestation and human right violation but the publication of the three cases was published in sorted version after being threatened to be brought in the court.

“The government of Indonesia gave the forest areas to many companies, such as, Korindo and lets them operate within impunity. The companies, the buyers, and some certification institutions helped them as if they operated in sustainable principles,” Kiki said.

She also mentioned that the government of Indonesia should transparently investigate the evidences if Korindo involved in the fire in the forest. FSC should publish the complete report without sensor to show how Korindo violate the association policy and should immediately stop the contract with Korindo as what the complaint panel recommended. (T2)

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