The Ways of Government to Protect Female Workers in Palm Oil Sector

The Ways of Government to Protect Female Workers in Palm Oil Sector

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Deputy Assistant of Female Rights in the Labor, Ministry of Female Empowerment and Children Protection (MFECP) Indonesian Republic, Rafail Walangitan said that the issues about the female workers in the palm oil plantations are the health and work safety protections which are not standard yet.

There is no agreement between the female and the company/landlord; unfulfilled rights in reproduction sector, such as, no rights to holidays when being pregnant, after giving birth, miscarriage, and feeding the baby. Their salary is not the same with the overload work hour.

There might be no facility for their children to play when they work and no transportation to work. “According to the Attachment of Laws No. 23 / 2014 about the Regional Government, MFECP has its authority in the female protection sub sector,” Rafail said in online seminar held by Pusat Kajian Gender dan Anak (PKGA), IPB which InfoSAWIT did attend in the end of August 2020..

But he continued, the government published kinds of program and regulations to give ‘safety’ for the female workers on their needs, such as, Regulation of Minister FECP No. 5/ 2015 about the Work Infrastructure Provision which is Responsive to Gender and Child Care at Work Place as the female rights’ fulfillment to increase their productivity. (T2)

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