MAKSI Launched Webiste for the Researchers and Academy

MAKSI Launched Webiste for the Researchers and Academy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Right on the Hari Sawit Nasional 2020, Wednesday (18/112020) the researchers and academy joining Masyarakat Perkelapasawitan Indonesia (MAKSI) launched new website at:

Chairman of MAKSI, Darmono Taniwiryono said that the website of MAKSI would be the sources of information and activity of the researchers and academy which focus in palm oil.

He also mentioned that the website would show the research results done by the members of MAKSI or academy who researched it.

“There would be kinds of information about palm oil products as the sources of information for the researchers to develop more or as the technical information for the people who want to know about the science in palm oil,” he said in the webinar of launching of MAKSI website that InfoSAWIT did join.

Darmono also told that the website would be easier for the academy who wants to join MAKSI, and active to develop the products in palm oil – base and in the future, the scientific and technical information about palm oil would be easier to get.

“The website would make the stakeholders in palm oil easy to support palm oil research through the sponsorship including would ease the people who want to join MAKSI,” he said. (T2)


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