Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo: News about Palm Oil in Japan is not the Fact

Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo: News about Palm Oil in Japan is not the Fact

InfoSAWIT, TOKYO The news about palm oil industries by Associated Press in "Rape and Abuses in Palm Oil Fields Linked to Top Beauty Brands" published in Japan Times, Wednesday (18/11/2020)  made Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan felt sorry for the article. Indonesian Embassy told that the news should prioritize ‘cover both sides’ principle to the real facts.

The government of Indonesia through Indonesia Embassy in Tokyo concerned if the news really happens. As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, for the government of Indonesia, protecting the workers (labors) is the prior policy. The government of Indonesia confirmed that there is no massive exploitation to the female workers in palm oil industries in Indonesia. 

As the country that highly prioritizes human rights and law enforcement, the rape and exploitation for the female workers (labors) as broadcasted are rare and unexpected incident. The law enforcement in Indonesia would seriously investigate it.

The smallholders and the stakeholders both in small and big scales prepare the conducive work situation and good protection for the workers namely the female in palm oil plantations. The companies commit to implement the principles and criteria in ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) that the government of Indonesia runs,” Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo noted.

ISPO certification covers the clear legal conditions including in the health, safety and protection for the workers. To get ISPO certificate, the company should run the good worker practices and protection to the female workers.

There are about 2,6 million direct workers and about 3 million workers indirect workers in palm oil sectors in Indonesia. Of the total plantations reaching 16,3 million hectares, about 7 million hectares or 43% are the people’s.

“The government of Indonesia seriously improves and develops palm oil industries. In the President’s Instruction No. 6 / 2019 about National Action Plans of Sustainable Palm Oil in 2019-2024, the gender is one of the action plans. The government of Indonesia fully commits to realize sustainable development goals (SDGs),” Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo mentioned. (T2)


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