CPOPC Emphasized that Palm Oil Industries Do Not Tolerate Every Violation

CPOPC Emphasized that Palm Oil Industries Do Not Tolerate Every Violation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (24/11/2020), Crude Palm Oil Producing Council (CPOPC) concerned about the sexual abuse and rape allegation as Associated Press reported. CPOPC Secretariat thought that the violation allegation is urgent thing to reveal.

“CPOPC Secretariat does appreciate the journalistic investigation done by Associated Press, but we also wondered if the report is selected. The information derived from unknown sources and could be intentionally used to damage palm oil industrial images,” CPOPC Secretariat noted.

Both in Indonesia and Malaysia, rape is criminal and unjustified. The members of CPOPC and every stakeholder would not tolerate every form of violation nationally, abuse to female rights protection on the good and equal work environment including in palm oil industries.

CPOPC Secretariat suggested the members to investigate the report. It is important for the government and stakeholders to reveal the truth of the serious violation. Transparency and good management, strong policies and procedures are integrated parts of the sustainable standards in Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO).      

“CPOPC Secretariat does understand about the sensitivity of such case and the victims may be reluctant to report the actors. It is hoped that Associated Press could cooperate with the related institutions and ministries to put the criminal(s) in justice,” CPOPC Secretariat noted.

But it needs awareness not to generalize the case so that it would not be used as part of black campaign to palm oil industries.

Palm oil industries put the female as one important element to measure the success in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) 2030. Palm oil producer countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, Central America, and Latin commit to develop the industries to succeed SDGs 2030. This is also about the fair income, and gender to give the same chance for the female to get work and get income.

CPOPC prioritized to eliminate discrimination and sexual abuse when working. Palm oil industries also commit to develop the human resource by making the welfare, respect, protection of human rights, labors’ rights and female.

As part of the strong commitment and transparency, CPOPC Secretariat would inform the investigation result from the authority about the violation allegation. On the other hand, CPOPC rejects and fights for the negative campaigns on palm oil industries by any motive and interests. (T2)


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