Sustainability Keeps Running in the Pandemic

Sustainability Keeps Running in the Pandemic

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Sustainable palm oil cultivation still runs though it is in Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that there is no obstacle about condition and situation to implement it.

Not only the plantation companies, but also the smallholders keep implementing it though facing the limit. Online discussion and meeting to audit the sustainability keep running. The reason is that realizing sustainable palm oil would not stop because of pandemic.

Senior Manager Global Community Outreach and Engagement, RSPO, Imam A. El Marzuq said that the sustainable palm oil practices prove that the development process runs more environmentally and socially and the production is in better ways.

He also said that for the last two decades, the vegetable oil needs globally increase, including palm oil. In 2050, it is predicted that the vegetable oil needs would be 300 million tons. The numbers are equal to the increasing population in the world which may be about 10 billion men. It is clear that this encouraged the vegetable oil producers to increase their production to fulfill the needs, including palm oil. 

Palm oil plantations are mostly developed in tropical regions, such as, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The plantations could develop the economy of a country too.

But the tropical regions, as a matter of fact, become the important regions for the conservation both the flora and fauna. Imam said, if it is not developed in better ways, it could damage the environment, put down the protected animals, and endanger kinds of flora.

Not only about the environment, the social issues would emerge, for instance, about the labors or tenure conflicts that could trigger the social clash. “Palm oil plantations could be developed in synergy with the social and environment,” he said in online webinar where InfoSAWIT did attend in the midst of August 2020.  (T2)

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