Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program – Beyond the Reality

Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program – Beyond the Reality

InfoSAWIT, KOBAR – The implementation of palm oil – cow integrated program in the beginning would give hope. Unfortunately it does not give the positive to the farmers and smallholders. They are difficult to get materials (of food).

Let us say Mister Arif. He woke up earlier before it was time to worship. The voices of his cows in the cage wanted to get woof. Then he took the woof from the drum which he processed in the first place.

He almost could not reach the woof because it was in the base of the drum. He always feeds the cows by giving grass in the afternoon and every morning and evening by giving concentrate woof that he processed (the mixture of solid and palm oil shell as the waste from the plantations) in the first place.

As a breeder who taught about the woof, he could process the fermented palm oil waste. From his 20 years of experience, he could differentiate how to feed the cows by giving grass and processed woof from the palm oil plantation waste.

By giving the woof, he could feed efficiently in time. In one week he processed the woof for about three hours then feeding the cows. But if he cuts off the grass, it would spend three hours per day to feed the cows. He also knows that his cows get fatter fast than those fed by grass only.

But he complained that it is not easy to get the material (waste) to make woof. It does not make sense because in the village where he stays there is a palm oil factory but he could not go to the factory to buy what he needs. He does not know where the trucks transporting the wastes went. (YB. Zainanto Hari Widodo/ Chairman of Sentra Peternakan Rakyat (SPR) Berkat Bersama)

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