Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program: The Way to fulfill Meat Stocks without New Expansion

Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program: The Way to fulfill Meat Stocks without New Expansion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The implementation of palm oil – cow integrated program is the joint cultivation and breed of cow and palm oil plantation without reducing the planting and breeding cows.

The potential and advantages of the program for breeding cow are the green among the trees and the side product of palm oil plantation (solid and oilcake). These are the sources of woof for cows while for the planters, the feces of cow would be the nutrients for the plantations and weeds control.

Until now referring to the information from PT. Sawit Sumbermas Sarana (SSMS), Tbk., to InfoSAWIT, the cow breeding in the company lays about 50.000 hectares (ha) within about 8.000 cows.

Fizrul Indra Lubis of Sulung Research Station, it needs to synchronize between the plantation and livestock to implement the program, such as, the schedule making of grazing (rotation) within harvest and fertilization.

“This is about to prevent the clash between the planters and those who breed cows, to keep the workers safe and the cows that mobilize in every single day. The harvest and midrib pruning should run two days before breeding cows and should be having graze in the same block after 90 days,” he said.

The impacts of palm oil – cow integrated program in the plantations of SSMS are the soil gets more fertile in the long term and cost reduction to control weeds. Besides the positive, it needs to notice the risks of soil density in certain area that cows pass by, and the attack of caterpillars that consume palm oil leaves.

“The impact of palm oil – cow integrated program for the breeder is that they do not new areas to plant grass and could reduce cost to breed. The risk is also about the unstable nutrition among the trees as the woof for cows,” Petrus Damianus Ndoa of PT Sulung Ranch, the subsidiary of SSMS. (T2)

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