Do not Try to Make ‘Palm Oil Free’. There would be Sanction

Do not Try to Make ‘Palm Oil Free’. There would be Sanction

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Deputy III, BPOM, Reri Indriani said that the legal labeling in a product particularly in Indonesia is regulated, such as, in the Laws No. 18 / 2012 about Food. Chapter 96 number (1) noted that the food labeling is to give the right and clear information to the people about the food product before buying and or consuming it.

Chapter 100 number (1) noted that every food labeling to trade should put the right information of a product and should not be misleading. The regulation, she continued, is confirmed by Government’s Regulation No. 69 / 1999 about the Food Label and Advertisement. Chapter 5 number (1) noted that the information and or statement about the food and label should be right and not misleading, both in the writing, picture, and any form.

Reri continued that each product to trade is obliged to show the right and not misleading information for the processed food, just it is regulated in the Regulation of BPOM  No. 31 / 2018 about the Processed Food Label in Chapter 4 number (1).

“‘palm oil free’ label is against to the regulation in Indonesia. It is clear that ‘palm oil free’ label could make the negative to the health in palm oil.

It is also against to what the government and other stakeholders do to promote sustainable palm oil industries in Indonesia. It could raise misinformation for the people.

“In the perspective of regulation, ‘palm oil free’ label is against to Chapter 67 number (1) Regulation of BPOM No. 31 / 2018 about the Processed Food Labeling. It should indirectly compare one product to others having palm oil within it,” she said webinar that InfoSAWIT did recently join.

‘Palm oil free’ label is forbidden in Indonesia because it is not scientifically proven that palm oil could be negative (to the health). But some researches showed that if palm oil is consumed in balance, it would not be negative to the health. The scientific research review could not strongly prove that consuming palm oil is associated with cardiovascular disease. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, October 2020

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