Palm Oil Sectors Maintain The Local Wisdom

Palm Oil Sectors Maintain The Local Wisdom

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Many palm oil plantations in Indonesia are developed in the remote areas, were difficult to reach because of the minimal transportation and bad infrastructures.

Not only that, the local people as a matter of fact, still do their culture from their ancestors or called ‘custom’. Though the modern life hits into the remote areas, many regions in Indonesia still do their customs.

The other fact is that the indigenous people live side by side with palm oil plantations. That is by, the development should not ignore the local custom that the local people inherit for generations, far away before developing the plantations.

It needs to maintain the local wisdom, the synergy between the local wisdom and palm oil plantation development should be running sides by sides and supporting one to the other. This is the evidence that palm oil is worth social in the concept of sustainability.

One palm oil plantation company, Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group knew that respecting and maintaining the local wisdom are the good modals to develop sustainable palm oil plantations. These would create harmony between the company and the indigenous people.

BGA Group really supports and keeps adapting to conserve, socialize the local wisdom to its employees. This is important to do because the company is the partner of the local people within main – plasma (plantation) concept.

It is hoped that when the employees develop the people, cultivate palm oil plantations in such scheme, they would be doing fine.

Director of CA and Partnership, BGA Group, Priyanto PS said that BGA Group has plasma plantations in Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan and would be the helps of the company to develop the country, namely the local people around the plantations.

“The plasma plantations develop in dynamic. It is hoped that the cooperation with Dewan Adat Dayak (DAD), Central Kalimantan Province could give description and development to the employees and when the potential of social conflict happens, it is anticipated as soon as possible,” he said.

Head of Corporate Affair, BGA Central Kalimantan, Iwan Kusnandar said that by the cooperation with the local people and DAD, the employees of BGA Group would understand and put themselves in the society by respecting the local wisdom.

He also told that quoting from Minang proverbs ‘Dimana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung’ or ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans’, it needs to respect and conserve the local wisdom. To realize it, BGA Group Central Kalimantan and its subsidiaries did counseling to the employees about the local wisdom, namely the culture and custom of Dayak. It was in cooperation with DAD.

It was online and in the same time in every subsidiary of BGA in District of East Kotawaringin and West Kotawaringin. “The counseling was online to every employee within the native speaker from DAD Central Kalimantan,” he said.

It was done in two companies. The first was in Sub district of Antang Kalang and Telaga Antang. The second was in Sub district of Cempaga Hulu, District of East Kotawaringin. “The participants of the counseling were from the managements and staffs,” Iwan said.

Besides giving understanding to the employees, the company did direct support to the local culture, such as, in the early of September 2020, the subsidiary of BGA Group, PT. Agriplus in Village of Riam Batu Gading, Sub district of Marau improved and cleaned the local indigenous buildings.

It involved the people, namely the coordinators of the village, the regional government officers, and the employees of the company. The company should use heavy tools because there was former big stalk to clean. It could not manually be revoked.

After cleaning and improving the indigenous building, Regent of Ketapang, Martin Rantan officially inaugurated the new renovated indigenous building. He was accompanied by Head in duty of Village Batu Gading, Easi Londong. Head of Sub district of Marau, head of PMD, head of education agency, head of health agency, head of education, culture, youth, and sport, head of plantation and agriculture agency did attend the ceremony.

The plan is that the indigenous building would be used again as the place to custom activities for the local people. It is hoped that the building could be the place to conserve and develop the local custom and culture. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, October 2002

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