Let us Join Indonesian Planters Society

Let us Join Indonesian Planters Society

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Perhaps, the term of ‘planter’ is not familiar for many people in Indonesia. Planter is actually a profession which has been existing since the colonialism era as the plantation companies developed in our country. At the time, the terms were famously known in the plantation as assistant, head of assistant, and administrators (ADM).

Planters are actually those who work or manage a plantation, starting from the agronomy to business aspects. They could be employers or leaders (in a company). They lived in the plantation. The interesting question remains, is there a place or association for the planters?

Planter as a profession is interesting now as the plantation commodities develop in Indonesia. Planters could be from palm oil, rubber, cocoa, sugarcane, tea, coconut, and others.

To strengthen good hospitality and cooperation among the planters, there has been Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) as the official organization for Indonesian planters.

“IPS is legal based on the Decision of Minister of Legal and Human Rights Indonesian Republic No. AHU-0007108.AH.01.07 / 2018 about Ratification of Establishment of Indonesian Planters Society,” one coordinator of IPS, Hudan Wibijaksana recently told to InfoSAWIT.

Any planter wants to join it would be easy by fulfilling the form in this link: For more info, please contact: 081294491559. (T2)

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