Palm Oil Supports to develop MSMB in Local Wisdom

Palm Oil Supports to develop MSMB in Local Wisdom

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Developing the local wisdom is not only about the understanding of the local culture. For the company, the other activity is about to increase the economy by developing the products in local wisdom – base.

Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group always develops the micro, small, and medium business (MSMB) in local wisdom – base. The company, for instance, took part in the Pameran Budaya, Sosialisasi dan Pemeriksaan Kesehatan Gratis in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan province wrapped in Gelar Karya Kalteng one year ago. The company also did join Ketapang Expo in West Kalimantan Province. The company facilitated and developed MSMB around the operational.

The activities have the vision – to increase the innovation in the region to handy crafts, public service products, tourism destination, and community works from the craft-men. Every activity was combined and collaborated with innovation, industry, public service, works, culture, culinary, entertainment in local content.

In the Gelar Karya Kalteng, BGA Group showed the products of MSMB developed by the company, such as, processed food made of mushroom, banana, the carves, the webbing, genuine lemon syrup, honey of kelulut bee.

By facilitating the MSMB to do exhibition, the regional officers, such as, governor, regent, and related agencies understood in person the potential of MSMB in Central Kalimantan Province.

The craft-men of MSMB developed by the company directly sold their products to the visitors. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) was hoped to increase the villagers’ income around the palm oil plantations.

The subsidiary in West Kalimantan did the same too through the annual and routine activity through District of Ketapang in Ketapang Expo. BGA Group also promoted the products of MSMB in local wisdom – base directly to the local people.

The products developed by the company with the local people around the plantations were Uteh Kayok Coffee from Village of Simpang Tiga Sebelangaan, Sub district of Nanga Tayap; forest honey from Village of Ulak Medang, Sub district of Muara Pawan; GoGo paddy from Village of Sengkaharak annd Lalang Panjang, Sub district of Sungai Melayu; blacksmith from Village of Kendawangan Hilir, Sub district of Kendawangan; and kinds of food from the female joining in PKK around the plantations of the subsidiaries, such as, PT Gunajaya Karya Gemilang (GKG) in Village of Kendawangan, Sub district of Kendawangan. (T2)

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