Reformation of Main - Plasma Partnership

Reformation of Main - Plasma Partnership

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Chairman of Forum Pengembangan Perkebunan Strategi Berkelanjutan (FP2SB), Achmad Mangga Barani revealed that perkebunan inti rakyat (PIR) was successfully implemented. It could make Indonesia as the biggest palm oil producer in the world. In 2006 there were 6,59 million hectares of palm oil plantations which produced 17,35 million tons (of crude palm oil), gave the exchange, provided employment, developed the remote areas, made the new regions, and supported the energy independency.

There are four points to notice and develop in the future to develop PIR, such as, the first, superior seeds should be planted in the smallholders’ replanting program. The superior seeds could have high productivity about 30-40 tons of FFB per hectares and are durable to ganoderm.

“The third is the smallholders’ land ownership could be about two to four hectares to run PIR cooperation. Then it needs to make good - corporation, and it is possible that the smallholders have shares in palm oil factory, for about 20 percent,” he recently said in a webinar that InfoSAWIT did join. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, November 2020

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