In Pandemic: Wilmar Keeps Developing the Smallholders

In Pandemic: Wilmar Keeps Developing the Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Covid-19 pandemic does not subside Wilmar Group to develop the smallholders and planters as the frontier men in plantation business. This is about to get the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production target in this year.

The agronomy development was virtually done knowing that the direct visit is limited to do because of pandemic, meanwhile La Nina would continue in this year and it needs to know better to minimize the impact of FFB production.

Head of Fertilizer Business, Wilmar Group, Hendrogiarto Tiwow said that his side guarantee not only about the product availability but also develop the smallholders in agronomy to increase the production.

His side also gave laboratory analysis service about soil and leaves, and the fertilization recommendation freely, namely to the smallholders. By the development, the company did hope that their FFB production could be nearly the same in numbers or even equal to the big scale. “One focus to development in this year is about to anticipate the impact of La Nina,” he said in his official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Head of Agronomy and Technical Support Department, PT Wilmar Chemical Indonesia, Syaiful Bahri Panjaitan told that the virtual development run since March last year or precisely when pandemic hit Indonesia. This is done in order to develop the smallholders sustainably. Actually La Nina has happened since last year and it is predicted to happen again until 2021.

Besides, the rain would keep falling until in the first semester of 2021. This would minimize the pollination of pollen to the pistil because of the limited dry pollen to pollinate. As a matter of fact, the numbers of bunch which are about to made in the tree in this year would be quite much but the ratio of seed production to bunch would be small in numbers in the first semester and would potentially minimize the production. “The increasing production would happen equally and it is predicted to last until April 2021,” he said. (T2)

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