Lame Palm Oil Beaten by Export Tax

Lame Palm Oil Beaten by Export Tax

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA -  Knowing the better CPO price in the world, precisely on December 3rd, 2020, the government through Ministry of Finance agreed to adjust palm oil export tariff through RMF No. 191/PMK.05/2020 about the Substitution of RMF No. 57/PMK.05/2020 about Public Service Obligation Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

CPO export tariff adjustment is made because Steering Committee in PFMA, led by Coordinator Minister in Economy, within the members Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Finance, Minister of Industry, Minister of Trade, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Minister of Enterprises, and Minister of National Development Plans/Head of National Development Plan Agency agreed.

Palm oil export tariff including crude palm oil and its derivatives would be adjusted to referential price published by Ministry of Trade. The calculation cut off from the tariff is the publication date of the export notification or pemberitahuan ekspor barang (PEB). “The new tariff would officially run on 10 December 2020, or 7 days after it is regulated on 3 December 2020,” Director of PFMA, Eddy Abdurrachman noted.

The consideration of the export tariff is the CPO positive price and the sustainable development of service support in palm oil industries nationally.

The services are the productivity improvement in the upstream sectors by implementing smallholders’ replanting program, the making of domestic market by the biodiesel mandatory support.

“The policy would always be evaluated in every single month to know and get the response of dynamic economy like now,” Eddy said.

The additional fund that PFMA manages from export tariff should be the moment to increase the service of PFMA.

Director of Investment Management System, General Directorate of Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Ludiro said the publication of RMF No. 191/PMK.05/2020 about the Substitution of RMF No. 57/PMK.05/2020 about Tarif of Public Service Obligation in PFMA becomes the basic thing for the government to maintain the stable service in PFMA.

The services would cover, such as, the increasing quality and quantity of human resource development program, research and development, smallholders’ replanting program, infrastructures, promotion, and biodiesel incentive by always maintaining accountability and transparency of fund management and distribution. Every single year it is always evaluated to improve to support palm oil industries.

“In every single year, steering committee plans every program to do, then it is confirmed, see the dynamic in palm oil industries, and increase the services,” he said.

Ludiro also told that the changing export tax would not be progressively running for all components because the citation remains stable, such as, fresh fruit bunch (FFB), seeds, palm kernel, bunch, empty husk, and shell. The citation has the same number based on each category. (T2)

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