Anti Palm Oil Virus Spreads in EU

Anti Palm Oil Virus Spreads in EU

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - Senior Managing Director Sinar Mas Agri, Agus Purnomo thought that every stakeholder in palm oil has done many things to improve and produce sustainable palm oil. The main principles are transparency and accountability. These run in every supply chain from fresh fruit bunch (FFB) which palm oil factories belonging to the companies to process.

But many still want to stop palm oil industries, such as, the way to phase out biodiesel program in European Union (EU).

Agus thought that this is not a matter of energy but it is what happens because anti palm oil virus keeps running in EU. “This is not a matter of energy sector as the target but many hate palm oil,” he said in Diskusi Minyak Sawit Berkelanjutan, which was held by PalmOilMagazine.

Agus Purnomo also explained that the company where he works at has done many action plans to produce sustainable palm oil. Thought it is not easy, he is optimist that there would be successful sustainable and environmental palm oil production. “Our company has improved to produce sustainable palm oil,” he explained.

For information, based on Decision of Minister of Agriculture Indonesian Republic in 2020, palm oil plantation could be about 16, 38 million hectares. The smallholders have about more than 42%. That is why palm oil industries are part of the government to conquer poverty and to realize sustainable development goals. (T2)


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