Introducing Palm oil for The People

Introducing Palm oil for The People

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – The people in Indonesia mostly do not know what the advantages of palm oil derivative products. The lack of understanding may happen for the minimal education about everything.

Palm oil, for instance, could be found in many food and drinks. This information should be told to the people because palm oil is not used as material to produce cooking oil.

As a matter of fact, palm oil is used as the material for others, such as, soap, detergent, butter, and personal care products both shampoo and tooth paste. It needs to realize positive campaigns, such as, audio visual. The format should be popular and interesting for the people to know that they would be easier to understand the derivative products of palm oil to fulfill their daily needs.

By realizing the campaigns about derivative products of palm oil, it would be the ways to anticipate and answer the negative campaign from every side that blocks palm oil industries in Indonesia.

Here is one short video that PalmOilMagazine produced called Sahabat Sawit. This would inform about the advantage and usage of it. (T2)


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