Partnership With Media

Partnership With Media

PalmOilMagazine - The businessmen and stakeholders get the loss from the negative issues and discredit palm oil products. In the downstream sectors, many try to boycott palm oil products until it becomes anti-palm oil action and expands.

In the recent days, the propaganda of foreign media was massively done through the reports of non-government organizations which has alliance with the foreign country founding. They told about the negative findings which become the loss for palm oil industries from the upstream to downstream sectors.

The paradox of media sincein the midst of 1990s until now keeps pressing palm oil as one product that has negative images. Palm oil product which is famously known as crude palm oil is identical with the damage of rare animals and fire in the forest and areas in Indonesia.

As the biggest palm oil producer, Indonesia should have the best strategies to provide the positive facts to the national and international media. Not only remaining still, palm oil industries should reveal palm oil business in Indonesia that realizes non-stop sustainable development goals (SDGs).

As a matter of fact, palm oil plantations which could be found from Sabang to Merauke have the unique and positive activities that could explain and answer (the negative issues) based on the real facts about palm oil business, such as, the female workers who have the same rights with the male workers. The female has big contribution for sustainable palm oil plantations.

It is the same with other issues that could answer well if the good stories and positive activities in palm oil plantations are widely told and written by media. That is why the media plays the big roles to help and make palm oil industries have big impacts in the future.

Palm oil plantations are important for the companies, smallholders, and people and these become the interesting facts and stories to be told by media. The economic contribution significantly increases the people’s life widely both from the villages and until in the cities.

Palm oil contribution really increases the economic activity which develops in the society. The people have work to do, get income, there are many creative economic activities, services in many regions. The increasing economy of the people significantly supports the economy nationally to be powerful and equal in many villages and cities.

Downstream industries which derive from cooking oil industries also significantly contribute to provide healthy and cheap cooking oil for the people. By consuming palm cooking oil, hundreds of million people in Indonesia have good health and could process food to be healthy and delicious one.

The potential of downstream products, such as, glycerin, surfactant, detergent, and soap would directly contribute to peope’s health. Palm oil also contributes in unique taste in chocolate that melts when the people eat it.

Palm oil partnership with media is important and would become horizon for the people to know the good at palm oil. There are lots of miracles from palm oil that could be told, shared by media rather than writing the suspect and bad assumption. In the same time, palm oil industries should be more creative and cooperate with national and international media to present the good stories and interesting facts for the people.

Together with palm oil, the life would be better and could maintain the sustainability of the planet. Hopefully.

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