The Advantages of having Sustainable Palm Oil Certificate for the Smallholders

The Advantages of having Sustainable Palm Oil Certificate for the Smallholders

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - Before discussing about multiplying the width (plantations) and new members, it needs to explain the understanding about the advantages of certification program to those who do not join, who may be interested in, who know but do not have organization still. It could be done in the form of socialization.

In the socialization it needs to discuss about institution/organization as the place to get the certificate because every certification process is done in group, not by person or a smallholder. The place (institution/organization) could be in the form of groups, koperasi unit desa, or other legal association or organization.

Besides, the advantages joining certification which could not seperate to the smallholders’ life are about the training of good agricultural practices, the usage of self – protection tools when working, the responsibility to conserve environment, legal plantation, and notes in plantations, such as, the harvest and nursery. The most important thing is the incentive after the smallholders pass the audit by certification institution(s).


The goals of New Members and Area Expansion

The members (of an organization/institution) would participate more by having coordinators and internal control system (ICS) which represent them. For instance, if an organization consists of some representatives of groups, the coordinators or ICS from the groups would mobilize the smallest unit or an organization. In the perspective of an organization, the monitoring system to the smallest units would be optimally running.

From the human resource empowerment in an organization, from the new member, there would be reliable figures that would be put as coordinators and ICS and would make the organization better.

Independent smallholders’ organization is made by, from, and for the members. By having more smallholders involve in the coordinators, their aspiration would be gathered because they have representatives in the organization. (YB. Zainanto Hari Widodo /Group Manager of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Mandiri  and Member of  National Interpretation Taskforce of RSPO Independent Smallholders Standards 2019)

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