Cargill and Nestlé Confirm The Support to Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia

Cargill and Nestlé Confirm The Support to Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia

PalmOilMagazine, SULAWESI – To confirm its commitment to “Cargill Cocoa Promise” within the goal, to ensure that the cocoa sectors would be developing sustainably for the future generations, Cargill did announce the new partnership to expand Nestlé Cocoa Plan (NCP) program that would give support for the cocoa farmers in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

It would be starting from about 2.000 farmers in this year. The program would cover some activities in the three main pillars of NCP, such as, the better agriculture, which means, the farmers would be trained about the good agricultural practices, they would get seeds to the replanting shading trees, and access of supplies in the cocoa plantation; the better life which means, this would expand the Children Labor Monitoring and Remediation System to more cocoa farmers’ family in cooperation with Save the Children; and better cocoa which means, Cargill would make sure the full transparency that cocoa would be supplied from Indonesia to Nestlé by using the digital tools within certified farmers and suppliers and supply chain traceability.

“Asia is one region within the fastest chocolate development in the world. This would open the chance for Indonesia to be the leading cocoa producer in Asia. Indonesia has become the main cocoa producer and the factories of Cargill in Asia,” Managing Director of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate Asia Pasifik, Francesca Kleemans said, as in the official statement to PalmOilMagazine.

Kleemans also mentioned that Cargill and Nestlé are in cooperation for years to support cocoa farmers holistically in the long term. “By transparency which focuses to sustainability, we are looking forward to the outcome of our same efforts to increase thousands of cocoa families and revitalize the position of Indonesia as the leading cocoa producer,” he said.

Manager Global Nestlé Cocoa Plan, Darrell High told, his side is happy to cooperate with Cargill to expand NCP program in Indonesia. The cooperation with our suppliers is the key to continue and increase sustainability in cocoa sector and the welfare of cocoa farmers. “This is part of our commitment to realize 100% of cocoa supply in Nestlé Cocoa Plan program in 2025,” Darrel High said.

NCP program in Indonesia is developed by Nestlé and Cargill. Nestlé also does the same with other cocoa producers in other countries, such as, Ivory Coast, Cameron that covers about 15.000 cocoa farmers within whole programs, including the training, the model service, environment protection, the support of community and children labor monitoring and remediation system. (T2)

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