To Know ‘Assistant’ in Palm Oil Plantation

To Know ‘Assistant’ in Palm Oil Plantation

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - The assistant is he who helps others (in this case ‘a manager’) to work or do (an) assignments professionally.

Strategic position

The assistant is the strategic level because he could determine, be in charge in plots, manage the asset and human resources in a company. If the assistant could work well, he would lead the plantation in the future.


Plot or division is one unit as the spear to manage the plantation company. From the plot, there would be output, such as, cost, planting targets for development plantation or fresh fruit bunch (FFB) target production (both quality and quantity) for the mature plantation. The roles of plot leader, in this case called plot assistant would determine.

The production would depend on the action of an assistant. It means that an assistant should often control. The control is not only by motor bike and checking from the road-side, but also should walk, come into block by block to know each condition of palm oil tree.

If the trees are well nursed and with affection, they would well produce. If they are not well nursed, they would suffer and the production would be small in numbers. An assistant would determine his roles.

Leader of plot

For having strategic position, an assistant is the leader of plot. As the formal leader, he should be the role model for other workers to get advise and opinion about every worker’s issue and about social issue. Domestic issues, issues with neighbors or conflict between a husband and a wife are often told with an assistant. Sometimes he should solve every issue.

An assistant connects with decision making or policy as what management published to be executed in the operational by the workers. He should determine the quality of result/work/output in one plot.

An assistant should be sample for his lower level. This is very important to behave well in a plot. Theory of management revealed that an assistant could influence (color) the workers’ behavior up to 80%. It happens. The good or bad result in a plot would depend on an assistant. (Maruli Pardamean / Author/Palm oil plantation practitioner)

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