Cargill Indonesia Re-emphasized the Commitment to Gender Equality in the International Woman’s Day

Cargill Indonesia Re-emphasized the Commitment to Gender Equality in the International Woman’s Day

PalmOilMagazine JAKARTA - Cargill re-emphasized its sustainable commitment to gender equality and create the inclusive and various work in the International Woman’s Day in its internal virtual event. The goal is to inspire the female workers to do their best and develop in Cargill. This is reflected by the way of Cargill that struggles for the female to work and get the target of gender equality globally in 2030.

Proposing the theme “Choose to Challenge”, which was also the same campaign theme in the International Woman’s Day 2021: #ChooseToChallenge, it was an honor for Cargill Indonesia because the event was attended by Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi, The Minister of Foreign Affairs Indonesian Republic to inspire, involve, and empower the female workers in the company.

In her speech, Minister Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi inspired from the them of International Woman’s Day that not only #choosetochallenge, but also #choosetopartner. She thought, it is important for everyone to Choose to Challenge, but Choose to Partner or having good relation with the man is important too.

She also thought that the conducive environment is important to realize gender equality so that the female could get supported in the same treatment and eventually she could reach her ideas. “Having investment in empowering the female means to invest in the better future. Besides, it needs big leap to struggle for gender equality in the house, work, and environment,” she said, as in the official statement to PalmOilMagazine

Retno also told, the international world notices the female issue through the world peace and security themes. Indonesia also contributes to escalate the female roles as the agent of peace, namely proposed by United Nations.

“To maintain the peace, the female should play the important role as the agent of peace and tolerance. We do believe that the female could be part of solution in the family, work, and environment both in national and international level,” she said.

According to the company, Cargill is committed to fully realize the gender equality and have 50% of female in the leadership in Cargill whole over the world in 2030. This is part of commitment to gender equality and create the inclusive and various work that could support the potential of every worker.

“I am happy to know that 21% of Cargill Indonesia consist of female. It is hoped that the plan to realize 50% of female workers would be realized soon,” she said.

Corporate Affairs Director, Cargill Indonesia, Arief Susanto said that the female progress in the work is the prior in Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) agenda of Cargill. He believed that the inclusive team could make the good and we are committed to do the important work to realize gender equality.

“To realize it, it needs sustainable efforts and Cargill has been doing the ways in recruit, maintain, develop, and increase the female careers. In this year we want to inspire, motive the workers by asking them to “Choose to Challenge”,” Arief Susanto said.

Through the event, Cargill also showed that the business collaboration in every sector in Cargill Indonesia is powerfully supporting the vision #onecargillindonesia and contributes to develop human resources in the future in Indonesia.

To escalate the female progress, Cargill also escalates and celebrates the female existence in agriculture, provides the human resources for the candidates of workers, and tells the message to motivate the female to consider working in the industry. One program to escalate the female progress is by making Cargill Women’s Network (CWN).

President of Cargill Women's Network (CWN) Indonesia, Indirawati Suripto told that the International Woman’s Day reminded us that the female plays important roles wherever she is. Every one of us should say no to social stigma which has something to do with the female, such as, culture, race, and age. Cargill would always be making the event which enriches the female potential to help them get more position in leadership,” Indirawati Suripto said. (T2)

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