TSC Took the Policy Makers to Solve the Impacts of Climate Change

TSC Took the Policy Makers to Solve the Impacts of Climate Change

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – The discussion among the expert from government instances, corporates, financial institutions, investment, and environment associations about climate change was the main focus of Temasek Shophouse Conversations (TSC) which was held by Temasek Foundation, hari ini.

The virtual discussion was attended by 1.000 participants and it was part of series to take the leaders in public, private, and community sectors to discuss multi-sector collaboration and urge the action to answer the social and environment challenges to get the same goal both in the region and in the world.

The discussion “Climate Action” within the theme “Leadership in a Sustainability Journey” had the main sessions from Minister of Environment and Forestry Indonesian Republic, Siti Nurbaya Bakar and Minister of National Development Singapore, Desmond Lee.

Chief Executive Officer, Temasek Foundation, Mr. Ng Boon Heong said that the climate change is the threat which hits mankind and needs the same and sustainable response from many sectors. The cooperation and local or global partnership would be very essential to handle it. The countries would get lots of advantages from learning one to another and doing the best practices when they go forward heading to sustainability.

“Temasek Shophouse Conversations emphasized that it is important to realize the stronger climate action from many perspective in the local and world context. The platform targets to change ideas one to another and create the bigger consciousness to the environment both in the region and in the world. We do believe, this would inspire the participants to take action based on their capacity,” he said in Temasek Shophouse Conversations: Climate Action, Friday (9/4/2021) that PalmOilMagazine joined.

Southeast Asia is one most vulnerable region to the climate change. If it keeps happening, it would make not only the environmental effects which could not be improved but also the economic impacts that would be in big loss. Asian Development Bank (ADB) also predicted that Southeast Asia may have bigger losses than those in other regions in the world and could decrease 11% of gross domestic product in the region until the end of this century because the key sectors, such as, agriculture, tourism, and fishery – as same as the man’s health and labors becoming the victims.

The virtual event also launched book ‘Steering a Middle Course: From Activist to General Secretary of Golkar’ written by Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, Chairman of Dewan Pertimbangan Pengendalian Perubahan Iklim, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesian Republic.

It was translated and published by ISEAS Publishing.  The book discussed about the life of Sarwono from his youth as an activist until he joined the politics and did changes and reformation of governance in public administration and environment. (T2)

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