The Strategies to Multiply the Union Members to do Sustainable Practices

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The Strategies to Multiply the Union Members to do Sustainable Practices

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - The previous article was about the goals to multiply the members and expand the plantations as the ways to fulfill sustainable palm oil certification. It would be positive for the organization to develop and be stronger because there are additional human resources from the new members. (please read

In order to multiply new members and expand the plantations to get certification, the smallholders’ organizations need some strategies to do, such as,

Jurisdiction Approach

The smallholders’ organizations are in some particular regions, such as, village, sub district, and district in administration. The good cooperation and communication among the smallholders’ organizations and the regional officers are absolutely needed. Besides in the legal organization scheme, the complete administration of an organization would need the legalization from the local officers, such as, the decision document of group, permit of building of an organization, license of socialization, Cultivation Documents, Environment Cultivation Document (Surat Pernyataan Pengelolaan Lingkungan/SPPL). Besides, the local officers who regulate one region could mobilize the people to join certification program through the independent groups. The local officers and organizations must have the same visions - to welfare and develop the people by joining certification program.

Make Master Plan to Develop the Members and Expansion

Master Plan is the potential map to develop by considering some things, such as, the range of development target among the members and the organization center. The main priority is the village around the organization or the villages around sub district where the organization is. The range consideration is essential to coordinate and manage the organization effectively. The other consideration is the potential human resources in the village around, such as other groups, or organization in the village which is active but does not join certification program. If human resources in the target are good enough, they could be triggered to join.

Besides the communication consideration with the local officers is the priority. It would be better if the communication with the local officers ran in the first place to introduce certification program, organization of smallholders so that the local officers could help and introduce the programs and the organization.

The same important thing that should be done is about to approach the figures in the region who could take other smallholders who do not join certification to join in an organization. The contents of master plan are the map of village, the width of uncertified areas and the areas which are not categorized as conservation, the smallholders’ potential, the groups’ potential, and the names of figures that could introduce an organization. (YB. Zainanto Hari Widodo /Group Manager of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Mandiri  and taskforce member of Interpretasi Nasional Standar Petani Swadaya RSPO 2019)

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