Palm Oil Could Develop The People’s Economy of Indonesia

Palm Oil Could Develop The People’s Economy of Indonesia

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA  - The staff of Vice President of Indonesian Republic in Regional Autonomy in Poverty Countermeasure, Imam Azis told, palm oil becomes the prior industry to poverty alleviation. It needs to develop such industries in the eastern Indonesia.

But it needs to improve the governance, starting from the plantation to the planters involved to advance the industries. “The central government is ready to give incentive to make it go better and welfare the smallholders,” he said in webinar that PalmOilMagazine did join, Monday (12/4/2021).

Meanwhile Executive Director of Palm Oil Agribusiness Strategic Policy Institute (PASPI), Tungkot Sipayung said that palm oil plantations develop the new economic centers in Papua, namely in Keerom, Sorong, Sorong Selatan, Manokwari, Teluk Bintuni, Fak Fak, and Merauke.

In major, Sipayung thought that there are two big advantages from palm oil that the people could get, such as, the poverty alleviation in many villages, and direct and indirect workers.

Director of Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group, Luwy Leunufna mentioned that the companies are really committed to provide employment massively. Since the last three years, TSE Group hires more than 2.400 men from Papua and the numbers would be more as the company would expand too.

By hiring the workers, the company hoped that the people of Papua would get better income and welfare sustainably.

The company also gives education and health service. In health service, the company provides clinics in each plantation area and mobile clinics. In education service, the company built schools and provides school buses to assure that the people get their basic needs.

“Everything comes true because of palm oil investment. It is the gift for our nation and the people of Papua. That is why be grateful but not doing campaign,” Luwy said. (T2)

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