Environment YouTuber, Andrew Kalaweit: Share The Experience about Environment

Environment YouTuber, Andrew Kalaweit: Share The Experience about Environment

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – Earth Day in Indonesia (22/4) was celebrated by delegation of European Union for Indonesia by making virtual talk show within the theme “Lindungi Bumi Mulai dari Piringmu”. It is hoped to increase the awareness that it is important to take care of the earh as the source of food security and reduce the negative impacts to the ecology in our daily life.

Andrew Kalaweit as the youngest speaker in the EU  Earth  Day  2021 was born from his parents who are French and Dayak, live in the forest in Central Kalimantan. As environment youtuber, he shared his experience living in the middle of the forest through social media to thousand hundreds of his loyal followers.

“Living in the forest makes me realize that it is important to maintain ecosystem and diversity in it for men. I would not be bored to take you, my friends to care about environment. If we do nothing for the earth, we would get the impacts,” Andrew said in the virtual talkshow that PalmOilMagazine joined, Thursday (22/4/2021).

It was joined by General Director of Marine Space Management Ministry of Marine and Fishery, TB Haeru Rahayu, and other environment activists from many sectors, such as, Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, Ruri Arimbi, I Wayan Suwarbawa, Mursiati, Sheila Rooswitha, and Indra Prasta.

In the release to the editorials, the Ambassador of European Union for Indonesia, Vincent Piket said that Earh day is the chance to confirm our commitment to conserve the earth. European Union recently launched European Union Green Deal as the new model of progress and roadmap to realize the climate neutralization in European Union in 2050.

Then Vincent continued, one policy published by European Union is ‘From Farm to Fork’, which promotes the fair, healthy, environmental food system. It is the way of European Union to solve the climate change, protect the environment, and conserve the nature. (T1)

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