Cargill Commits to Protect The People and Children

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Cargill Commits to Protect The People and Children

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - Cargill through Cargill Tropical Palm (CTP) actively supports the local who live around the plantations by making programs and initiatives, such as, operating more than 20 health centers and child cares to give health activity freely and supports for the workers; giving health supports, such as, vaccine for the female and children around.

Besides, Cargill also provides qualified educational access. In 2012, Cargill initiated to make educational foundation called Yayasan Harapan Masa Depan Cerah (YHMDC). It is about to manage the school activity starting from the kindergarten, junior school, for the children of the workers in Cargill and the children of plasma smallholders around. YHMDC also did fund the making of schools, expanding the class rooms, and teaching facilities, monitoring the study process in 43 schools which have accreditation nationally. YHMDC also confirmed that the curriculum should be the same standards in national level and prepares the students for their future that globally connects by providing English class and character subject. Until now more than 5 thousand of young generations from the children of the workers, and plasma smallholders in Cargill get the advantages from the school in YHMDC.

Developing the children to their good future should start from the early age. Global Sustainability Manager of CTP, Yunita Widiastuti told that CTP always protect the rights of every child who still live their parents around the plantations as part to increase the social and economy of the country.

The commitment of sustainability of the company to protect the children starts from protecting the workers and employers who could be carrying baby, helping them to give birth, maintaining their health and the grow of the baby, and educating the baby since in the early age as their modal to be independent when they grow up. “We would commit not only to maintain their health and safety, but beyond that,” Yunita said.

That is why Cargill and the workers implement role model of Children’s Right and Business Principles (CRBP) which the goal is to create the better condition for the children and the female in their home. By the program, the children could live in safe environment where they could play and learn. Cargill also gives special attention to the female workers and employers, helps them to run the good and clean practices, and check their health and safety. (T1)

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