Getting RSPO Sustainable Credit Incentive, Members of FORTASBI Shared Happiness

Getting RSPO Sustainable Credit Incentive, Members of FORTASBI Shared Happiness

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – Forum Petani Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (FORTASBI) is a platform for independent smallholders’ organizations having Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificates, and International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC). Until May 2021, the members of FORTASBI reach 34 groups of 7 provinces in Indonesia within 9.136 smallholders and covering 19.403 hectares (ha) in total.

FORTASBI is in charge to make sure that every member could manage their certificate well and their incentive credit from RSPO mechanism could be used to protect environment, improve the organization, and make the members better.

From 34 groups, only about 27 groups within 7.351 smallholders covering 15.143 ha have RSPO certificates in this year and get RSPO credit incentive. Last year, RSPO credit selling reached US$ 1,3 million or about Rp 19 billion (within exchange rate Rp 14.500/US$).

This year, the incentive reaches US$ 1,4 million or about Rp 21 billion. There is no significant progress in 2021 because some groups getting RSPO certificate use eligible phase which made incentive percentage reached 40% of the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production. Besides, some members should postpone their certificates because of having replanting program. Some others should postpone to get new members in getting RSPO certificate because of Covid-19 pandemic.

Though the pandemic impacts to the decreasing groups having RSPO certificate, there has been other blessing. In this year, the buyers get more. If last year there were only ten buyers, there are 3 new buyers from the advance cosmetic companies. “In this year, the price gets better namely for IS-PKO products. If last year it was about 60-65 US$/ton, this year the buyers buy 71 US$/ton,” Senior Advisor FORTASBI and Coordinator of Sekolah Petani FORTASBI, Rukaiyah Rafiq said to PalmOilMagazine, Tuesday (4/5/2021).

She also mentioned that just like the previous year, some independent smallholder groups getting RSPO credit payment start sharing credit incentive to their members in the form of food needs and holiday allowance. Every member of the groups gets the allowance so that they could celebrate Idul Fitri with happiness.

RSPO credit fund, besides for the members of groups, is also used to regular training for the smallholders, make sure that RSPO standard run well, and to recover the environment.

Alhamdulillah in this year our members could share still though it is in pandemic. It does not block them to share one to another. Hopefully next year, the groups to be involved would be more and the price would be too. From FORTASBI, we would help and monitor the RSPO credit selling and make sure that the fund would be used well by and for the members,” Uki, her nick name, told. (T2)

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