Climate Damaging Palm Oil Plantation Production

Climate Damaging Palm Oil Plantation Production

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – What is the condition of climate that could make fail harvest massively? Researcher of Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) Hasril Siregar told, if there is no raining for about 20 days in a row and the plantations are in flood for 20 days or more, these would fail to harvest though it would not be 100 percent.

Siregar answered the question of PalmOilMagazine editorial through Zoom chat. He thought that palm oil plantations should notice the rain and sunshine because the pollination and fruits from the tree would need climate to help the process.

Responding to the speakers in Ngobrol Bareng GAPKI (Indonesian Palm Oil Association/IPOA), Tuesday (04/05/2021), many participants from palm oil companies operating in South Kalimantan Province joined. One participant asked that the plantations are in flood about 40 – 50 centimeters high and most areas in palm oil plantations are too.

For example, in the late of 2020 until March 2021, the plantations where he works at were in flood. It got decreasing by the end of March 2021. Though the company could harvest using boat, it was difficult to cultivate the plantations and needed many workers.

Knowing this, Siregar thought that he needs to see the location in person to analyze and what to do in specific to help the cultivation. “If I use general assumption just like I told before, this would be difficult to get the solution,” he said. (T1)

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