The Licenses of 4 Palm Oil Plantation Companies Were Officially Revoked

The Licenses of 4 Palm Oil Plantation Companies Were Officially Revoked

PalmOilMagazine, SORONG – Referring to what Vice Regent of Sorong explained which was confirmed by Assistant II in Economy and Development District of South Sorong, Yohan Hendrik Kokorule, it was said that the regent officially signed Decision of License Revocation for four palm oil plantation companies on Tuesday (18/05/2021). The companies are PT. Internusa Jaya Sejahtera and PT. Anugerah Sakti Internus which are the subsidiaries of Indonusa Agromulia Group; PT. Persada Utama Agro Mulia and PT. Varia Mitra Andalan which are the subsidiaries of Eagle High Plantation Group.

The government of South Sorong also planned to evaluate two licenses  of palm oil plantation companies (PT. Putera Manunggal Perkasa and PT. Permata Putera Mandiri) in Imeko but the two have no area expansion licenses.

Vice Regent of South Sorong, Alfons Sesa directly handed over the Decision to the representation of indigenous people. He also told the people to spread the decision to other people.

To confirm the license revocation, more than 200 indigenous people and activists did long-march on last Thursday (20/05/2021) using trucks, motor, from Teminabuan to the office of Regent of South Sorong for about 6 kilometers. They also walked for about 1 kilometer from trans way to the regent office. The indigenous people derive from many villages in Distrik Teminabuan, Saifi, Seremuka, Konda, Moswaren, Wayer, and Kais Darat, District of South Sorong Selatan. The villages get the impacts and threatened by the companies.

The people loudly shouted to reject the plantation companies, revoke their licenses, protect the rights of Papua original people. They expanded banners saying that Tanah Adat dan Hutan Adat Hidup Kami, posters saying that Kami Masyarakat Adat Suku Gemna dengan Tegas Menolak Sawit.

In the official written statement, Yayasan Pusaka Bentala Rakyat did appreciate the people’s persistence to struggle for and get their rights, respect the decision of Regent of South Sorong to revoke the licenses as the better things to fulfill what the people demand. The license revocation of the companies is the right legal thing to end the unfair social economy, and re-manage the sustainable forests.

Based on the evaluation study report of license of GNPSDA Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi Team and Food Plantation, Horticulture, and Plantation Agency West Papua Province (2021), it is revealed that 6 (six) palm oil plantation companies in District of South Sorong deal with license issues and do not fulfill their obligations, and also should publish recommendation of license revocation, sanction, and fine.

“The indigenous people of Suku Tehit come here to reject palm oil plantation companies. We do not let them operate because we would not know where our grandchildren would live. That is why we urged the government to revoke their licenses,” the female of indigenous people of Suku Tehit, Yuliana Kedemes said.

Since 2015, the villagers of Suku Tehit who stay in many villages in Distrik Konda, Teminabuan, Saifi dan Seremuk reject the companies operating in their areas. The companies are PT. Internusa Jaya Sejahtera andd PT. Anugerah Sakti Internusa, belonging to the foreign investor - Indonusa Agromulia Group. (T2)


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