NGO Green Imperialist, Palm Oil vs Soybean

NGO Green Imperialist, Palm Oil vs Soybean

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - Now palm oil produced by Indonesia and Malaysia has substituted soybean as the main vegetable oil in the world. The soybean and sugarcane produced by Brazil are the direct threats for their bio-fuel industries. The misunderstanding about the real issue, and manipulated by NGOs by saying environmental issue to delude the public opinion have successfully deluded the policy makers in the government.

In order not to be easily deluded by the local or foreign NGOs within environmental issue, the people need to know that the global warming is about dioxide green - house gas emission, NOT about the forest or peatland.


The Global Warming and the Climate Change

1.   Climate Change happens for the increasing temperature in the world (Global Warming).

2.   The temperature of the world (Global Warming) relatively but sure happens for the heat in the earth from the sun which could not be reflected to atmosphere.

3.   The heat in the earth from the sunshine could not be reflected to the atmosphere because it is blocked by the blobs of green-house gas which get thicker hanging on the atmosphere.

4.   The green-house gas is made and gets thicker because of the pollution of dioxide carbon (CO2) which is released to the air from many sources.

5.   The main source of carbon pollution is the gas exhausted by transportation (land, air, sea), the factories, power plants, and industries.

This is the general explanation of the cause and effect why Global Warming and Climate Change occur. In short, the air pollution from the factories, transportation makes the two.

The Global Warming and the Climate Change threaten the existence of man and the other living things in this universe.

After answering the question ‘what’ (Global Warming), ‘why’ (carbon pollution), ‘who’ (industries, transportation), the next question to answer is ‘where’, and ‘how much’. Everybody, including the readers, could answer the question: where is the place on earth that cars, bus, jets, ships, and factories are the most? In Indonesia or in Europe? In Jakarta or Detroit? 


The Rich Countries: Sources of Global Warm

Based on the data released by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the facts showed, 65% or 20,4 billion tons of the total dioxide carbon population are produced by 10 countries only. They are the rich countries, including China and India.

In 2009, USA, within the population less than one third of the population in India, produced CO2 population or about 5,3 billion tons or 3 times more than the carbon pollution in India. One American per year may contribute about 17,3 tons of CO2 pollution while European Union could produce 7,7 tons.

Years before in 1996, the carbon dioxide pollution in the world increased 22,6 billion tons from 21,3 billion tons in the previous year. The concern about this disaster, if the pollution keeps increasing, forces the developed countries in Kyoto in 1997 and declared “Kyoto Protocol” by targeting to decrease CO2 pollution to be 5,2% less than the pollution in 1990. The targets should be realized between 2008 – 2012. But what happen then?

The Kyoto Protocol (1998), in 2009 by 10 countries had produced 20,4 billion tons of CO2 of the total carbon emission in the world, reaching 31,3 billion tons. Compared to 12 years before when they declared Kyoto Protocol, the dioxide carbon emission was 24,2 billion tons. This was the biggest leap, about 31%.

It is the fact that the rich countries, where the environmental NGOs have the bases. They do not care about the pollution they have produced.

The NGOs do not care the increasing pollution in their own countries, but deal with obscuring the facts. They make many ways and formulation to calculate the carbon pollution, starting from the peat cultivation, forest enlargement, and others to prove that Indonesia is the biggest carbon producer in the world. Carbon gas emission from Indonesia which in the graphic data of Carbon Emission in the world is only slim line, but all of a sudden, Indonesia is crowned as the fourth biggest carbon producer in the world. Incredible!


The Victim: FOREST

When the pollution created by the advanced countries (Read: Europe, America, Australia) have the top level, they start to claim, global warming occurs and then climate change happens. Then they start looking for the source. The Phd and Doctor holders in NGO who are paid, have turned the world attention to the forest existence which absorbs the carbon they produced. The forests in the tropical countries are in Indonesia and Brazil. It is so sad to know it.

The western countries still colonialize. Some of us may have inferior feeling as the colonialized nation. None of our leader said, “We manage our own forest and we have sovereignty on our forest!”

The forests in Indonesia should be used to conserve the nation and to increase the national economy for the wealthy of its people. The forests in Indonesia are not to clean the carbon produced by rich countries!

Pressured by NGO and the urgency from Norway, by having US$ 1 billion as the price, two of our President agreed and signed Memorandum of Forest Advantage and it is the third time that the memorandum has been prolonged.

Indonesia having the 9th widest forest in the world is ordered to do memorandum of the forest advantage by the country which might not have forest. The US$ 1 billion was never got though the memorandum has been prolonged.

If our leaders are clever, they would say, Norway should do Moratorium of Forest Advantage in its own country. CIA Fact Book 2011 mentioned, 29% of the land in Norway is covered by the forest. The forests in Indonesia covered 46% of the land. On the other hand, the forests in Indonesia are much larger than those in Norway which lie about 94.000 hectares, while Indonesia has 890.000 hectares.

The world is up down now. Who would make sample to who? Who is inferior and who is superior? Please compared the forest conservation in Indonesia, the Europe and other western countries? The forest in French 37% – the numbers have been put as the colonialized in the sea; Italy 35%; Luxembourg 34%; New Zealand, and Germany 32%; Switzerland, Canada, and USA 31%; Belgium 22%, England and Denmark 12%; Australia 19%; Ireland 11%; and Netherland 9%. The numbers are too much low than the forest cover in Indonesia reaching 46%.

Knowing these facts, the environmental NGOs from those having narrow forests are brave to claim that they understand more and are aware of the environment than us. They want to teach, regulate, order, tell what to do to manage and cultivate our forests. As a matter of fact, they should learn from us about how to conserve the forest. They are not the fighters of the environment. They are the spears of the green imperialist countries. (Maruli Gultom/ Palm oil plantation practitioner)

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