SSMS Strengthens the Marketing Cooperation with CBU

SSMS Strengthens the Marketing Cooperation with CBU

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – In the Annual Shareholder Meeting and Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting on Friday (28/5/2021), palm oil plantation company, PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk. (SSMS) did have 2020 strategies, such as, SSMS strengthens the cooperation to sell palm oil products, such as, with PT Citra Borneo Utama (CBU), that bought 70% of palm oil products and processed to be derivative products, such as, olein, sterein, and palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) and these were in good results.

By the end of December 2020, SSMS multiplied the share ownership in PT CBU to be 32% from the previous which was only 19% as the strategy to strengthen downstream business to increase the distillery factory to be 100%.

“Strengthening palm oil downstream products would guarantee the better profitability prospect for the company in the future days,” Director of SSMS, Vallautahan Subraminam said, as in the official statement to PalmOilMagazine.

In 2020, SSMS increase the FFB and CPO production volume from the nucleus about 6% for each compared to 2019, or to be 1,6 million tons and 369.032 tons, from the increasing target 10% which was planned in the early of this year.

The good operational is supported by the commitment of the company to maintain the high productivity though the pandemic still occurs. SSMS in 2020 cultivated 116.029 hectares in total both by the company and plasma smallholders.

81.485 hectares of the nucleus are mature. The numbers consist of 69.236 hectares are nucleus, and 12.248 hectares are cultivated by the plasma smallholders. (T2)

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