Smallholders Meet DPD RI, Complain about Palm Oil Funds with Less Maximum Impact

Smallholders Meet DPD RI, Complain about Palm Oil Funds with Less Maximum Impact

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – On Thursday (3/6/2021), Chairman of Regional Representative Indonesian Republic, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti accepted some smallholders joining in Perkumpulan Forum Petani Kelapa Sawit Jaya Indonesia (POSPI) in the office of Regional Representative.

In the meeting, the smallholders complained about Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) which the smallholders thought, they do not get the advantages from the citations that PFMA implements.

“The fund managed by PFMA should be directly aimed for the smallholders because the smallholders contribute in the fund. What happens is that the government distribute the subsidy fund for biodiesel (30) industries. This is not fair,” General Secretary of Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Mansuetus Darto said, as in the official statement to PalmOilMagazine.

Chairman of Regional Representative was with Chairman of Committee III, Silvana Murni; Chairman of Committee IV, Sukiryanto; Bustami Zainudin (Legislators from Lampung); andn Evi Apita Maya (Legislators from Nusa Tenggara Barat/NTB). From POPSI, besides Mansuetus Darto, Executive Director of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Perkebunan Inti Rakyat (ASPEKPIR), Hendra Purba; Chairman of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo) Perjuangan, Alpian Arahman; and Secretary of POPSI, Sabaruddin.

POPSI consists of some smallholders’ associations which covers 300 thousand smallholders that master 660% of palm oil plantations in Indonesia.

Alpian Rahman of Apkasindo Perjuangan said that PFMA is not responsive to what the smallholders need. “PFMA is not from smallholders and we are here as the smallholders never discuss about what to do with the fund or others,” he said.

He also mentioned, the institutional structure in PFMA is dominated by the stakeholders which consist of steering committee. “We hope, Regional Representative could tell our concerns because this institution is the representative from many regions and it is good to complain here,” he said.

Chairman of Regional Representative is ready to solve the issues through Committee II to discuss with PFMA. “We would put into agenda to meet PFMA. We would tell your concern through Committee II,” LaNyalla said. (T2)

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