Celebrating World Environment Day: EU Launched #GenerationRestoration

Celebrating World Environment Day: EU Launched #GenerationRestoration

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – Delegation of European Union (EU) for Indonesia celebrated World Environment Day (5 June) by conducting virtual talk -show with the theme “Memulihkan Ekosistem Bumi”. It was about to develop the wider public awareness that it is important to conserve the forests and biodiversity to recover the world ecosystem.

It was attended by Head of Kelompok Kerja Perencanaan Anggaran dan Hukum Badan Restorasi Gambut dan Mangrove (BRGM), Didy Wuryanto, and some environment activists from many sectors.

First Counselor in Climate Action, Environment, Digital of EU Delegation for Indonesia, Henriette Faergemann said that World Environment Day would remind us to be always conserving the earh. EU would take part by involving the people, namely the young generations through global movement #GenerationRestoration.

“Ecosystem restoration could start anywhere. We need to involve many to act and make smart choices and movement to escalate our roles to recover the ecosystem,” she said in the webinar which PalmOilMagazine, joined, Friday (4/6/2021).

As part of EU Environment Day 2021, EU wanted to inspire the youth to make change and do real actions through social media challenge #GenerationRestoration. “The good ecosystem would prevent the damage of conservation. The good environment would be the sources of foods, and living sources if we maintain the harmony with the nature,” she said.

Head of BRGM, Hartono Prawiraatmadja did appreciate the #GenerationRestoration move young generations to maintain the natural balance well. “Things to do are by peat ecosystem and restoration and also rehabilitate the broken mangrove,” he said. (T2)

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