World Environment Day: Energy Transition to be Clean Air in Jakarta should be the Prior

World Environment Day: Energy Transition to be Clean Air in Jakarta should be the Prior

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA – World Environment Day commemoration in this year should be the reflection moment for the people in Jakarta when waiting for the decision on the air pollution claim which Koalisi Ibukota proposed to the government. It is planned that the decision would be read on 10 June 2021. After two years, Koalisi Ibukota (Koalisi Inisiatif Bersihkan Udara Koalisi Semesta) fights that the government should firmly act based on its authority to fulfill the clean air for the people.

The points of claim were, the President should revise the Government Regulation No. 441 / 1999 about the air pollution control. Ministry of Environment and Forestry should supervise the governor, minister of internal affairs to monitor and supervise the works of governor and minister of health to see the decreasing impacts for the health because of air pollution. Governor of Jakarta should tightly monitor the regulation of air pollution control and the governors should arrange and implement the strategies and action plans to air pollution control.

The air in Indonesia gets worse since the last two decades and it is in the 20th rank with the worst quality whole over the world according to Air Quality Live Index (AQLI). AQLI knew that 91% of the people in Indonesia live with the air pollution more than the safe limits categorized by World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO claimed, the average concentration per year of the air pollution or Particullate Matter (PM2,5) should not be more than 10 micron per meter cubic. PM2,5 is the smaller air particle than 2,5 micron or 30 times smaller than human’s piece of hair.

In the region with high pollution, the particles could minimize the distance to see and threaten man’s health. AQLI noted, Jakarta as the metropolitan city has PM2.5 concentration or six times higher than the safe limits based on WHO.

If the condition gets worse, 11 million citizens of Jakarta could lost their hope of life for 5,5 years to go. In the reverse, if the government successfully tighten the policy to air pollution, the living of hope could increase up to 2 years.

dr. Alvi Muldani, Director of Klinik Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), said that PM2,5 is high concentration and it has causality with premature death to those who have hearth attack and lung issues. Other pollution from air, such as, timbal, though small concentration, would be dangerous for the kids or fetus. “The common symptom caused by PM2.5 are wheezing, cough, dry in mouth, and breathing issues. In the long term if being hit by timbal, someone would have shorter life because of malignant lungs and chronical obstructive lungs disease,” Alvi said.

Alvi also reminded that the danger of PM2,5 and timbal could attach to the cloth that we wear and be taken to home. “In the pandemic particularly, we need to implement health protocols by using masker, washing hands, keeping distance to prevent the exposure of the air pollution and Covid-19. The two would be giving the bad impacts for man’s health,” Alvi said, as in the official statement to PalmOilMagazine

It is undeniable that the urban is the region where it needs to implement sustainable environment. The implementation in the urban is that the government should think of the whole solution by involving many aspects to escalate the air quality effectively. In addition, many activities could potentially pollute in the urban, such as, the industries, the offices, the households, such as, cooking, lighting, and transportation.

Idoan Marciano, Energy Technology Specialist of Institute for Essential Service Reform (IESR) told, in the general perspective, the main factors of air pollution is from the transportation and industries. In Jakarta particularly, this is urban and thee main cause is the transportation.

“We would like to recommend and mitigate the issue that it needs to do transition to electric vehicles, namely for the two and four vehicles. Besides to reducing air pollution, we encourage the government to do transition as quick as it could to decarbonize transportation sectors, he said. (T2)

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